Woke up this morning at 5:30 and just lingered in bed till sunrise.  Too many dark clouds were blocking the sun so I didn't take any photos.  Had coffee and then took the dog for a last walk on the beach.  Had breakfast then headed out around 9:30 this morning.  Set the GPS for Lake Charles and arrived around 2:00.  There was only one spot left open for one night only and I took it. 
I rode around trying to find spot #36 but could not find it.  As I was riding through the park I noticed 2 girls from New York I had met at IB Magee Beach who stopped to chat with me about Red Tide.  Now here they were in Lake Charles.  What a surprise.  I stopped and chatted with them for a minute.  Then I saw rangers and flagged them down and asked to be escorted to my site.  I followed them and when we got to the spot there were 2 pickup trucks parked in my site.  The ranger asked that they be moved and they were.  I backed in and just plugged in the electric.  Didn't even hook up the water.   
I guess I failed to realize that during a holiday week and all the kids being out of school that the campgrounds would be full.  I'll know better than to travel during Thanksgiving week next time.
There must be 175 kids per camper in this campground.  I swear.  I tried walking my dog on the paved road but couldn't.  One little boy even yelled at me to move the dog out of his way as he peddled his bike and barely missed her.   If it hadn't been so late in the afternoon I would have left.  I'm only 3 hours from home but am tired driving.  So I went back inside the coach and that is where I'm staying till we leave in the morning. 
The magic I felt here when I passed through on my way to Texas is definitely gone.  The TV sets are all blaring some football game and every man within a half mile radius is hootin and hollerin for their team.  I hate sports of any kind so you can imagine how this is affecting me.  Those that are not watching the game are blaring their music for all to hear.  Can't wait to get out of here.  What a drastic change from the peace I found on the Texas beaches I just left behind.
Oh... and did I mention mosquitoes? 
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