Another great day at the beach.  Woke up early to this sunrise.

Cooked a great breakfast of bacon and eggs, toast, and orange juice.  Then we went for our morning walk on the beach.  There were lots of folks looking for shells left by the high tide.  I already have so many so I didn't look.

Had a nice visit with my neighbor who is from Minnisota and spending the winter here on the beach. 

Started a new book and sat outside most of the day.  Put my chair in the sun so I could work on my tan.

My little doggie is not feeling well.  Yesterday she went swimming in the Gulf and licked at the water.  Last night she started sneezing and couldn't stop.  This morning the same thing.  She didn't want her breakfast and didn't want to go outside.  I just figured it was a cold because dogs can get colds.  The Gulf was really cold and she got really wet.

Today when I spoke with my neighbor who is a retired nurse she told me that her dog was doing the same thing.  She thinks it's the Red Tide making them sick.  I did notice my throat was burning a little today.  Not enough to make me want to leave but noticable.  

Tomorrow we move into the campground and away from all this wind so maybe my doggie will feel a little better.

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