Lush shampoo: Cynthia Sylvia Stout

I mentioned this shampoo a while ago and thought it was about time I shared my review with you. I know how popular Lush products are with bloggers and this isn't a shampoo I'd heard much about before trying it out myself.

I'll cut to the chase - it's definitely not a shampoo I would repurchase which is such a shame because I really want to love it! It smells delicious and after all, it contains beer! I want to love anything that contains beer (hehe). 

It claims to give hair weight, smoothness and gloss and promotes a healthy scalp. The problem I have is that I like my shampoo to create a really good lather. I have quite long hair now and with this shampoo I have to use a big dollop to lather the top of my head and then another dollop to do underneath, and because of this I get through this stuff like lightning!

It has a lovely smell - really unique - and I find it quite masculine but in a good way.

The great thing about Lush is they're happy to dish out samples so if you perhaps have short/medium length hair or fine hair, and you're curious about the product it's definitely worth trying out a little splodge.

What doesn't work for me may work for you!

100g - £3.70
250g - £7.35
500g - £11.95
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