My trip to Gibraltar - the best bits

After my recent trip to Gibraltar I shared with you the most important bit - the outfits! And I told you about the Wildlife Park there. Here are some pictures from the rest of our trip. It seems like such a long time ago when I was there. And my tan is a distant memory! Isn't that always the way... :(

We took a cable car to the top of the rock to get some amazing views of Gibraltar and Spain, and of course we bumped into lots of monkeys! There were so many tiny babies. The monkey above was teetering on a railing with its little baby tucked into her belly. It was so cute, I just had to get a picture! She doesn't seem keen on me though does she! The picture above right was taken from my Sister's balcony. What a pretty view. I could get used to looking out over that after a tough day at work.

Talking of the balcony, we did lots of munching. My Sister was a wonderful host. I ate my body weight in food and polished off several beers, but that's what being on holiday is all about!

I got to meet my Sister's two rescue dogs - Peanut and Snowy (bet you can guess which one is which!) They are so cute. I even managed to get them to sleep on my bed on a night, much to the dismay of my Sister's boyfriend! Peanut and Snowy were left behind by someone who moved back to England but now they have a loving home and will even get their own pet passports so that when my Sister and her boyfriend eventually move back to England, they can come too!

One day it was slightly cloudy in Gibraltar and not really sunbathing weather so we hopped in the car and headed to Spain where we visited the Selwo Zoological Park. Now I have visited many Zoos and Wildlife Parks before but this one was something else! Think vast open spaces, where you have to literally hop on a 4x4 and take a 20 minute trip across the park to see the full range of animals they house there. They had everything from Bears and Tigers (not mixed in together might I add), to Giraffes, Elephants (my favourite) and Monkeys. I even spotted a Red Panda for the first time, as usually they're so far up the tree you can't see them.

My favourite shop in Gibraltar is a store that sells hand crafted jewellery, ornaments and carvings from Africa; they have some amazing things! I picked up this pretty necklace which looks lovely with a plain white vest or tee. I saw so many other cool things too but sadly they wouldn't have squeezed into my suitcase. I also visited another cool store where I picked up a large wooden buddha statue. I have always wanted a buddha and he is certainly a cool fellow!

Holidays are over just too quick aren't they! I must get planning my next one.... :)
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