Monday summary

Happy Monday peeps! Here are my 5 good things this week:

1) Work. At the moment a busy routine is keeping my head straight. When everything else is falling apart it's good to have something steady.

2) House hunting. It's hard work finding somewhere that will accepts pets (even ones as cute as mine!) but I enjoy the challenge. Plus I'm really nosy and I love having a look round people's homes.

3) My other blog with Gemma. I Know What You Wore This Summer is keeping me blimmin' busy at the moment but it's great seeing all your outfits. Keep your photos coming ladies! Just email with your photo and blog/youtube link if you have one. It's great inspiration, especially as we get first peek.

4) I have to find a positive amongst my break up - I have lost over a stone (14 pounds) in weight. Perhaps all waiting to be put back on in the form of cream buns, no?

5) Tattoos. I am seriously thinking about getting a tattoo. I think a really pretty design can look so nice in the right place. I'm going through one of those fresh start/rebellious phases. It's either a tattoo or a nose piercing. lol.

Picture I heart this week:

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