Monday summary

Happy Monday folks! Did you all have a good weekend? I had a relaxing weekend that mainly involved eating out and sleeping! On Saturday I went out for lunch and had a little drive, then spent the evening snuggled with Lily and Lola watching La Vie En Rose. On Sunday my Mum took me out for lunch, her treat, and I had a sneaky glass of wine which made me incredible sleepy so I proceeded to spend the afternoon snoozing! You can't beat wine, good food and snoozing on a Sunday surely!

My 5 good things:

1) Plans to go to the seaside! I've got my bucket and spade ready to head off for a day of fish and chips, ice cream, and let's face it, probably some rain!

2) We have been given a moving-out date so it's much easier to start hunting for our own places. By the end of September I should be living on my own and no doubt blowing up the kitchen with my amazing cooking skills! Next payday may well involve a trip to Ikea for pans, plates, cutlery, the whole lot!

3) Music by Edith Piaf. It's fair to say I'm currently obsessed!

4) Nail polish. I have been sporting a different colour on my nails every day lately. My current favourite is Eyeko's Posh Polish - perfect for work!

5) My Sister is home from Gibraltar soon for a week (before she jets off to Las Vegas, lucky thing!) so we're going to do lots of shopping and have dinner out as a family. Should be lovely!

P.S. Congrats to Sarah F, Sofia, Harpeet, TheKiwiBex and Lady Bug Says for winning my Vaseline Sheer Infusion giveaway! Check your emails :)
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