Monday summary (on a Thursday)

Morning blogettes! How are you? Apologies for the belated Monday summary - I don't have the Internet at home at the moment so I've got to grab blogging opportunities whenever I can! e.g. when I go to my parents house or if I get into work early!

Last weekend involved sleep, and dog walking. That's about it. Not the most exciting weekend I've ever had but boy did I need that sleep! Sometimes a good sleep catch-up is all a girl needs to feel human again. This week at work has been reeally busy as I'm covering 2 other people plus my own role so it has been a steep learning curve! But better to be busy than quiet in my opinion :)

My 5 good things:

1) Sleep. I have had lots of it this week and tonight another early night is in order. You can't beat a good nights sleep in a big fluffy duvet.

2) I am now a permanent member of staff! I have passed my 6 month probation with flying colours and can now relax without worrying whether I was doing a good job or not! It also makes me feel more secure about getting my own place knowing I have a permanent job.

3) Bank Holiday weekend! I have plans to go charity shop shopping for bargains, see my parents, take the dogs out on some lovely long walks (weather permitting) and catch up on blogging. I really need to get the Internet and a laptop asap!

4) I have just reached 1330 blog followers through Google reader, and 154 on blog-lovin and that is just amazing! I never thought I would get so many. Thanks everyone :)

5) Payday! 'nuff said.

P.S. Congrats to Kat, Ellie and Lauren - they won my Miss Bollywood Eyebrow Shaping Kit giveaway! Your kits are on their way to you :)
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