Wish list (Kitchen edition) featuring Next Home

As some of you may know I was invited to enter a writing contest for Next by picking a topic and writing a blog post about it, then asking you lovely people to click on the Facebook 'like' button if you liked it. Well, I won! Yay! I was really pleased because I love writing and I love Next so it was a really nice surprise.

Lucky old me won a Next voucher worth £100 that is sat in my purse itching to be spent. But I'm trying to be good and wait until I move into my new place so that I can treat myself to some interior goodies from Next Home. Most of the furniture in our current place won't be moving on with me so I'll certainly need a few shopping trips!

I have got my eye on a few of these lovely kitchen things:

I heart everything in this picture, especially:

Mixed pastel soda glasses - £8
Polka bread tin - £15
Vintage words - £10

Pastel recycling bags - £10

Home Sweet Home doormat - £8

Cook Book stand - £10

Kitchen hooks - £10

Vintage Rose tablecloth - £15

Have you got your eye on anything?
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