Monday summary

It only feels like 4 days since my last Monday summary. Oh, wait, it was! I was a bit behind last week, sorry! Having no internet at home is a real pain and I actually get withdrawal symptoms from not being able to check my emails and things :)

In 3 weeks time I'll be moving out of the house and moving onwards on my own so I need to get a little laptop and the internet sorted for then. Blogging is a big part of my life and I would miss it dearly if I couldn't regularly update!

Oh hi! Not posted a picture of my face in a while. Incase you had forgotten what I look like, here's my mug!

I also have 5 good things for you, as always:

1) Today is Monday and I'm in the comfort of my parents home, snuggling Lily and Lola and sipping on a big mug of tea! Bank Holiday Monday's are the bestest type of Mondays.

2) I'm back on Twitter! I never actually thought I would see the day when I went back on but I figured it's the best way to keep in touch with my blog pals. I am going to try my best not to get addicted, it's easily done!

3) I have hopefully got the chance to study a HR qualification through work which would be amazing! I think it would be really interesting and increase my knowledge of my role and the world of HR which can only be a good thing. I'm all about learning new things!

4) My hair has grown so long in the past year. I do miss my blonde locks ever so much but not having my hair dyed every 4 - 5 weeks has improved the condition hugely! I also invest more time in conditioning treatments and I only use straighteners when I really have to, so I feel like my hair is in quite good shape - well, apart from the fact I only get a trim every once in a blue moon!

5) Lily and Lola. They make me smile! Simples. I couldn't resist taking a cheeky photo of them snuggling in fliffy cushions. They love those cushions!

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