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I saw this recently on DollyMix184 writes beauty and thought I would carry on the tag :)

What's your favourite makeup look?

I like winged liquid liner and nude lips. I'm in love with Nicole Richie's makeup here.. if only I looked as beautiful as this!

What part of your body do you love?

Tough question! There's not much that I love, I will have to say erm.. my wrists coz they are quite skinny! lol.

Who is your beauty icon?

I don't have one in particular but I love Nicole Richie as mentioned above. Her makeup is always perfect and I like that she never looks too overdone. I love Marilyn Monroe, she always looked beautiful and rocked her curves.

What beauty products instantly make you feel sexy?

Fake tan. I feel so much better (and slimmer) with a slight tan. Although nothing beats having a real tan. Fake tan never quite has the same effect!

Also I love a good body moisturiser and not having horrible snake skin legs!

How do you look after your skin?

I try to drink plenty of water as it makes a whole lot of difference to my skin, but I usually drink more tea than anything else!

I try to remove every scrap of makeup before bed and I usually stick to gentle skincare products.

What is your signature scent?

Vera Wang - Princess.

What are your hair secrets?

Clynol shampoo and conditioner. It works miracles and helps to keep my colour nicer for longer. Conditioning treatments are a god send for me because my coloured hair often gets dry.

How do you pamper yourself?

When I've got some spare pennies I like to get pedicures. They are the ultimate treat for me. I also like facials although I haven't had one in aaages. I used to get one every month and they really made the difference to my skin. I get my eyebrows waxed and the occasional leg wax here and there. One thing I'm going to start getting regularly is a back massage because I have some serious tension in my back and shoulders! :(

What is your pet peeve?

I'm not a big fan of really thick liquid liner a la Amy Winehouse. I think it looks a bit silly. But generally I wouldn't look down on someone for wearing their hair or makeup a certain way. I say do whatever you wanna do!

What would be your desert island must haves?

Deodorant, tweezers and suncream!

Finally, do you have a beauty philosophy?

I say do what you want to do! Be yourself. And if people don't like it.. tough! ;)

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