Garnier Pure Active range

I was kindly offered some products from the new Garnier range and of course I said yes! I had wanted to try out this range because a) it helps spotty people like me and b) I have heard lots of good things about it.

I was so excited to try these products out because at the time I had some spots, blemishes and just pants skin in general!

L-R: Deep pore unclogging wash, Blackhead clearing scrub, Spot-on roll-on, Spot fighting 24hr moisturiser

I had planned on trying one product at a time to avoid overloading my skin. I was worried the range would be too harsh as my skin can sometimes be sensitive. However, I took the risk and used everything at once and it was fine! No irritation, no allergic reaction, no nothing! Yay.

The range promises to give results after 1 day. I perhaps was too much of an eager beaver and expected my skin to improve after the 1st use. It didn't.

After 1 week I saw a slight improvement and after nearly 2 weeks I have almost clear skin! In fact..I was at the Dior counter on Monday and the counter lady said I had "lovely clear skin!" I actually thought she was joking! My boyfriend whispered "see I told you so!" :)

I have been using the face wash every morning and evening along with my regular toner or sometimes a face wipe, just to make sure all of my make-up has been removed. I have used the scrub 2 - 3 times a week, and the moisturiser and spot roll-on daily.

* I love the face wash. It makes my skin feel really clean and doesn't dry it out. I would definitely re-purchase this as a daily face wash.

* I love the scrub and will continue to use it 2 - 3 times a week to exfoliate. The 'scrubby bits' (what are they called?!) are effective without being too scratchy.

* I have to say I don't like the spot roll-on. I dabbed this on religiously every evening onto every single spot and it did nothing. Some even appeared worse the next day! I have now stopped using this in my routine.

* I like the moisturiser. It leaves my skin feeling very smooth and I hope that using it along with the face wash and scrub has contributed to the improvement in my skin. I will continue to use it daily and I would repurchase it if my skin continues to remain clear.

I am generally impressed with the range, apart from the spot roll-on. After almost 2 weeks I am relatively spot free and I feel a lot more confident about my skin. As I mentioned, my skin can be quite sensitive and usually when I use anything like Clean & Clear or Clearasil my skin hates it! But I have had no problems whatsoever with Garnier Pure Active.

If anyone wants any more info on any of the products please let me know.

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