Butterflies, meerkats, HUGE tarantulas and an anniversary

Yesterday me and my boyfriend were celebrating a year since our very first date. We agreed not to do the whole present thing so I wasn't expecting anything except a card but he got me Vera Wang - Rock Princess perfume which I really wanted so I'm dead pleased :) It came with a free gift of some temporary tattoos - haha. I am definitely going to give them a whirl!

He took me to a lovely park where we ate ice-cream and I pestered him to tell me where we were going but he was not giving anything away!

He took me to Tropical World which is in Leeds and I have never been and always wanted to so it was extra brownie points for him!

There is a little bit of everything at Tropical World; butterflies, meerkats, fish, birds, bats, creepy crawlies.. It was so much fun!

The meerkats were adorable. One of them was sat chilling just like Lily & Lola do.

Then we headed out for something to eat. We went to the restaurant that we went to as part of our first date, where it all began! :)

What a lovely day it was, finished off by a few glasses of wine and some chocolate at home with the dogs.

I was very impressed with my surprises.. normally I guess everything or he tells me beforehand so it was a really nice day. Hopefully it is the first anniversary of many more!

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