P-p-p Poker Straight Overnight Treatment

The Lee Stafford Poker Straight Overnight Treatment claims to be an "intense overnight conditioning treatment that replenishes, renews and restores damaged hair". It is designed to be applied 15 minutes before bed onto dry hair, then it dries fully and doesn't leave any residue on your pillow. Then in the morning hair can be washed as normal.

As you know I was very impressed with the hair treatment 'For Hair That Never Grows Past A Certain Length' (see reviews here and here) and I have almost run out and can't find anywhere that has it in stock, so I was looking forward to trying out this product.

I think this may be my new favourite! It works and does exactly what it promises to. It is easy to apply and doesn't make a mess. It leaves no residue behind on my pillow and in the morning once I have rinsed my hair in the shower it feels super silky!

I have been using my usual shampoo and conditioner (Clynol) and skipping the serum that I usually use when my hair is wet. I blow-dry my hair in sections and the Overnight Treatment is so effective that minimal or no straightening is required! My hair feels silky soft and really smooth! I have straight hair anyway and this makes it..well, poker straight!

I have been colouring my hair since I was 15 and I'm now 24. I get my hair professionally highlighted every 6 weeks and a trim hardly ever! I am quite particular about the hair products I use and Lee Stafford products rarely fail to disappoint me. The only product I have bought and not used is the dry shampoo spray and that is only because I have never found a dry shampoo that I have liked.

The smell of all the products are very distinctive but nothing too overpowering, I quite like it. And the prices are very reasonable. Next on my list is the surf spray! I really want to give that a go.

Has anyone else had good results with the Overnight Treatment?

V xxx
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