Anatomicals goodies

I was sent an array of lovely goodies from Anatomicals (thank you!) and have had lots of fun testing them out.

Back row L - R:
- Help The Paw hand cream
- Cheese Release Me foot cream
- Not Another Rough Day Please body moisturiser.

Middle row L - R:
- What A Complete & Utter Glosser lip gloss tube (super randy cherry brandy flavour)
- Snog Me Senseless minty tingling lip balm
- No Old Bags Allowed eye gel

Front row L - R:
- 2 x That's When I Fell For The Leader Of The Hair Pack
- 2 x Farewell The Scarlet Pimplehell face mask
- Snog Me Senseless mints

I have been busy trying out some of the products and here are my findings!

I love the hand cream! It is a definite rival for my favourite (Soap & Glory's Hand Food). The smell is divine! And most importantly it sinks in quickly and doesn't leave any greasiness. This hand cream is £3.00 which is a good price for a 100ml tube.

The body moisturiser is very moisturising and has a lovely strong scent which lingers on the skin which I like. It is totally non greasy and sinks into the skin a treat. At £3.00 for a 200ml tube it is very good value.

The lip gloss tube is fab! It reminds me of Lancome Juicy Tubes except this one is totally not sticky at all and of course, is a fraction of the price!

I adore the minty lip balm! Definitely one of my favourites. It leaves my lips soft, tingly and minty fresh!

Here I am in full testing action! This is the face mask 'Farewell The Scarlet Pimplehell'. I loved the texture of this mask. No icky bits and pieces! Just a smooth, thick mask and there was plenty of it in the sachet. There was enough left over to do another face! I must admit I wasn't overly pleased with the smell at first.. it seemed a bit fishy. Alas the smell soon died down and the mask left my skin feeling smooth, but I don't think anything could reduce my pimples! They are made of stern stuff.

I think all of these products are a great gift idea! Not only are the prices very reasonable but they are really different to the usual bog standard products and the names are so damn funny! I would personally love to receive smellies like this for my birthday or Christmas.

Thumbs up all round.

Check out the store here. If you would like more info on anything I haven't mentioned please leave me a comment and I will reply.

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