Clean & (not so) clear

For about a week or so my skin hasn't been so great. I have had a couple of breakouts and felt like my skin has looked and felt too oily and shiny. I love the Boots cold cream I have been using but thought perhaps it is a bit too thick/rich to use every morning and night so I decided to try something else.

I thought I would give Clean & Clear a go and decided on the 'deep action refreshing gel cleanser' as I liked the sound of getting really clean feeling skin!
2 days later my face feels like it has third-degree burns. There's an all over tightness similar to when I used Dermalogica and I have itchy, crusty patches all over my face but especially around my chin and cheeks.
What am I going to do!! :'(
I stopped using it as soon as I realised I was having some sort of reaction to it, but so far my skin doesn't seem to be improving and I'm scared that moisturising will irritate it even more!

I am going to my Cousins wedding on Saturday and I can't have a crusty face! *sob*

Has anyone else had any problems using this or other products in the range? I have only heard good things about it from other people!

V xxx

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