OOTD (sort of) & recent films I've seen

Lily & Lola wanted to show everyone their favourite t-shirts they wear when the weather gets cold. We got them from Islands of Adventure in Orlando, from the Dr Seuss shop. "Thing 1" and "Thing 2" seems very appropriate for them!

Don't they look adorable?
I don't dress them up for enjoyment. They genuinely get cold! Pugs don't do so well in extreme heat or extreme cold, and when it's cold they shiver and refuse to do their business! Bless 'em.
I had a good weekend but I'm so so tired today. The wedding was great; photos coming soon!
I also just wanted to mention a film I watched last week; The Secret Life of Bees. This was my sort of film! I watched it on my own as I knew it would make me cry (this is the girl who cried at the end of Blair Witch Project for god's sake!?). It did make me cry, several times, but it also made me think, made me laugh, made me grateful and made me smile. Check it out, I know you will love it!

On a completely different tangent, I went to see Bruno last night. Oh.My.God. It is without a doubt the rudest film I've ever seen at the cinema. It was very funny in parts, but most of it I was in disbelief at the things he was saying/doing! At the end he could have been killed, seriously! (if you've seen it you will know what I mean!)

Roll on Wednesday, I'm going to see Harry Potter straight from work! :)

What have you seen at the cinema lately? Did everyone have a good weekend?

V xxx
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