Shoes, weddings, Sleek palette & face update!

Yesterday on my way home from work I got caught in a serious downpour and my lovely Topshop pumps were ruined :( So today I hotfooted it to Primark for some cheapos but ended up only seeing one pair that I liked and at £11 I thought they were pretty pricey for Primark! lol. They have cute black and gold bows on the front and are perfect for work.

I'm in London over the weekend for my Cousins wedding and I needed some new shoes. I wanted some nude/neutral shoes that would come in handy for future wedding-type events and I found a perfect pair in Dorothy Perkins. They are moderately comfortable but my only concern is my usual size were slipping off so I had to go for the size below which may mean some rubbing occurs tomorrow! Never mind.. I love them anyway!

I just realised I subconsciously mainly buy shoes with bows on.

This is the dress I'm going to wear. It was £70 from Warehouse last year and I've worn it to 1 wedding and on New Years Eve so it could do with another outing. It's lovely, it has netting underneath so it poofs out like a prom dress.

I popped into Superdrug for a Sleek palette and was pleased to see they had the Safari one. I'm going to do brown/gold subtle eye make-up for the wedding and this will be perfect.

Thanks for the advice you have all given me in relation to my Clean & Clear face massacre. For 2 nights now I have rubbed Bio Oil into the dry areas and left it on for a couple of hours then rinsed and layered on the Sudocrem and I have seen a massive change. It looks much better. It still feels dry and a bit tight but hopefully it will look ok on the photos tomorrow! That's the main thing.

Have a great weekend girlies! xxx
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