Weight loss and job gain!

With the help of the lovely and ever so buff Deanne Berry I am going to lose 3/4 of a stone!

Before I went on holiday in May I was eating really well, working out using the Pump It Up dvd, Wii Fit, jogging and playing squash twice a week. Then in Florida I tucked into American sized portions for 2 weeks and the only exercise I did was turning over on my sunbed or wandering round theme parks!

I decided, if I declare this to the blogging world then I HAVE to get motivated to work out because I have told you all that I'm going to! :D

I am not going to diet or cut anything out of my diet. I have tried every quick fix under the sun; Special K diet, Slim Fast, even the Beyonce maple syrup drink thing! They work temporarily but once I go back to the real world I end up back at square one.

From now on I am going to reduce the amount of sweets/crisps I consume, drink more water and do my Pump It Up dvd 3 times a week, play squash once a week and do Wii Fit or (newly purchased) Wii Active inbetween if I get time. Plus I walk my dogs twice a day and walk to places instead of driving if I can!

I love this dvd. It is the best workout dvd I have tried. It consists of a warm-up, aerobics, dance routines, boxercise, toning, then a cool down. If the thought of doing "crazy legs" to Can't Touch This is your cup of tea then I really recommend it! Sometimes I try to complete the whole thing (torture) but usually I do the warm-up, aerobics, toning then the cool down. The aerobics section is so much fun but very energetic! I think the dvd is about £5.99 on Play.com so it is a good bargain.

I will report back occasionally and let you know how (badly) I'm doing.

* * *

Also, after just 6 days of jobhunting and joining agencies I was offered a job! It was my one and only interview, and I was the last person they saw. Apparently they had already decided who they wanted but then they interviewed me and decided I would be a good addition to the company! They are 'Investors in People' and have said that if I see any courses I want to study they are more than happy for me to do them and I think they even pay for them! Result! They want me to start on Monday. Eek!

I am very very nervous. I hate being the new girl. I always come across as being very quiet and nervous. Fingers crossed everything goes ok. First days are just awful aren't they!

Lots of love,

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