A trip to the hairdressers, Shu Uemura oil, "Off With Her Red" & "Mad As A Hatter" by O.P.I

I had a trim and general hair tidy last Saturday at a new hairdressers because I had randomly called in there to get my full fringe cut - a total impulse decision! - and I thought the same girl would do a good job of my cut. First of all, I have learnt my lesson the hard way that prices have shot up considerably since I last had my hair cut. I nearly had a heart attack at the till especially because I had picked up a bottle of Shu Uemura Nourishing Oil en route because I had been impressed with the results when the hairdresser used it.

I can't bear to tell you how much the oil cost; I will say that I hope it lasts me a very long time. It does deliver good results though. It can be used on dry hair as a pre-shampoo treatment or used on damp hair as a serum. I have been using it as a serum and it makes my hair silky without being greasy. I can even use a little on my dry hair to get some extra moisture. Also the oil reduces the need for straighteners whereas normally I would run them quickly over my hair. (Please note that my hair is naturally very straight, if a little poofy sometimes, so results will be different for everyone).

Will I repurchase? Perhaps. I may try to find a cheaper alternative though. I would normally never buy an oil for my hair. I would automatically assume that it would be too heavy for my hair and leave a greasy residue. Perhaps if you struggle to get a smooth blow-dry then this product or something similar would work really well - especially if, like me, you have tried a gazillion other products that have all failed to give good results.

My plan is to grow my hair as long and luscious as the lovely Zooey D. I'm a little way off at the moment but my hair grows really quickly.

I officially love my O.P.I Alice in Wonderland polishes and I'm currently sporting Absolutely Alice on my toenails but I won't share them with you - you're not ready for that sight just yet, trust me!

Off With Her Red is a beautiful red colour which was a pleasure to apply and only needed a couple of coats. However, Mad As A Hatter is my favourite without a doubt. Normally I don't like sparkly nails and I would normally always choose a red or a pink (creature of habit!) but I'm converted to glitter from now on! 2 coats gave me good coverage and I'm in love with the colour.

I have since applied another layer and it looks even more sparkly and special. I love Mad As A Hatter! It was hard to capture the colour as the flash does dim it slightly. If you haven't seen this polish in the flesh yet have a google!

Are you ever shocked at the price of your hairdressers appointment?

What is your favourite Alice in Wonderland O.P.I shade?
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