Monday summary

Apologies for being quiet on the blogging front towards the end of last week. I was busy with work and the joys of payday and I was still recovering from my cold/cough/feeling pants, so I didn't find much time for blogging or anything much really.

I am feeling a lot better but I still have a pesky cough - grr.

We spent all weekend packing boxes, painting walls, polyfiller-ing holes, and stuffing our faces with an assortment of takeaways. I learnt that a) I'm not very good at DIY and b) I'm a fat pig.

My 5 good things:

1) This time next week we will have moved into our new home and hopefully most things will be unpacked and organised. Thank God it's a Bank Holiday weekend which means an extra day to unpack!

2) Who else watches Lost? It's coming to an end! I have followed it for years and I'm ready for some answers God dammit!


3) Our She & Him tickets have arrived - yay! And the boyfriend has something nice planned for the day after in London which is a surprise.. (I hate surprises).

4) I got a surprise parcel containing some lovely goodies today and a package from Aussie at the weekend. I feel spoilt at the moment!! Expect lots of reviews and photos soon!

5) My Sister is coming home from Gibralter for a few days! A shopping partner at last :)

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