Monday summary (on a Tuesday)

I hope you all had a good weekend. I spent the majority of my weekend sofa browsing, eating, cleaning, and looking after a poorly Pug. I hope your weekend was considerably better!

Yesterday the Monday summary didn't happen due to us thinking our Internet was broken but alas today it seems fine so keep your fingers crossed! It was quite nice having a night off from the World Wide Web - we went to see Shutter Island at the cinema which is a bloody good film - go see it! I want to watch it again!

This week's 5 good things: 

1) 5 weeks into my new job I was offered the chance to move positions and work in Human Resources! Of course I jumped at the chance because I've always fancied working in HR and my first week was really, really busy and my brain is now crammed with new and interesting information!

2) The weather. How fab is it being able to sit outside and feel the warm sun on your face! 

3) 2 weeks on Saturday we move into our lovely new home and I can't wait! I'm not looking forward to moving out of our current place and having to make sure everything is spotless but it will be worth it once we're settled in at the new place.

4) We are seeing She & Him perform live next month and spending the following day in London and I'm so excited! I can't wait to see Miss Zooey D in real life!

5) I'm still jogging and trying to exercise every day - and I have raised almost £100 for Cancer Research so far (I'm doing the Race for Life in June if you didn't know!)

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