Pugs not Drugs

When I stumbled across this "Pugs not Drugs" tote bag a while ago featuring the cutest hand drawn Pug ever I knew it had to be mine. As you know I have 2 Pugs, Lily and Lola. It's also a favourite saying of mine - hell, it's even my band name on Guitar Hero! I found this beauty over at Gemma Correll's shop and if you haven't paid the shop a visit yet then do!

A few people tweeted me about it shortly after payday so I caved and bought it. It arrived speedily and I wasn't disappointed. I love it! It's perfect for chucking all my bits and bobs into and the quality is superb!

My boyfriend was a total fail on camera duty. This is me halfway through throwing a strop because it took him forever to press the damn button.

Years ago the brand Sweet n Sour brought out a purple t shirt with the same slogan on which I've tried to track down ever since. Seriously, if you own this t shirt or see one on Ebay inform me immediately! I will pay good money for it! They have just brought out a cropped version and so many of my lovely subscribers have txted me, tweeted me or commented about this - it makes me happy that you think of me when you see anything Pug related!

Pug power!
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