Monday summary

I'm poorly and feeling sorry for myself. I can't breathe through my nose or hear properly. It's raining outside. My Mum & Dad's holiday has been cancelled due to volcanic ash. But I'm determined to think up 5 good things, even though I feel poop and I want to hide under my duvet. This week's list may be a little on the dodgy side. Normal service will resume next week.

1) Losing my taste buds means I'm not bothered about snacking because there's no point. Calories saved for a rainy day! :)

2) I got sent my most exciting item to review to date, and I'm really excited about sharing it with you.

3) I get paid on Friday!

4) My new job is so busy it makes the time fly! By the time I get in, make a brew and crack on with my work it's lunchtime! I much prefer being busy than sat twiddling my thumbs.

5) Cups of tea. Tea is the only thing that can wake me up, make me feel human and relax me all in one :)

Since I started writing this blog post I've lost my voice and I ache from head to toe. Bedtime perhaps?


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