Bank Holiday weekend

Aahhh - 4 days off work. Bliss it was! I think every week should include a 4 day weekend :) We got up early each day to squeeze in everything we wanted to do. We managed to do all of the housework/washing/folding/putting away, we went jogging several times, we watched Four Christmases and laughed a lot, we went shopping several times and bought some lovely things for us and the new house, we spent the afternoon at my Mum and Dad's house and had a roast dinner followed by lots of chocolate cake, and did some sleeping and dog walking in between.

Oh, I also tried one of these delights! Yum. Roll on next Easter!

I had a rather fruitful trip to Primark where I was spotted by Lucy who was also doing a spot of shopping! It's such a small world :) I looked so windswept and was having a bad hair day which is just typical isn't it! 

I wanted some new pumps for work but we all know you can't go into Primark for just one thing! I got a couple of other things too (blog post coming soon). I also popped to a sports store and got some Nike running shoes because my current pair of trainers are nearly as old as me and were doing nothing to support my feet. They are now residing in the bin! I am loving running in my new bouncy trainers and I have a blog post coming soon with a Race for Life update to let you know how my training is going.

Yesterday we went on the hunt for a new fridge/freezer (shopping of sorts, but very, very dull). We got sidetracked by hot chocolate, Next Home and TK Maxx where I spent what felt like hours gazing at trinkets, bed covers, cushions, pots, pans and garden goodies. I'll show you what I bought in my Primark shopping trip blog post :)

I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend!
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