Left home this morning around 10:30 and arrived at the park around 2:30 this afternoon.  It was a pleasant drive and check-in was a breeze as I had a reservation for site #389.  However, the ranger who checked me in suggested another site closer to the lake and very near the office, which I took.  The other site is 4 miles from where I am.  I will ride to that site in the coach when I leave the campground and check it out.

I hooked up and took Xi Shi for a walk near the lake.  The weather is not so pleasant and we will have cloudy skies for the next 3 days so my photos are not the best.  I noticed that site #74 has a deck and looks out on the lake so I'll say for now... it is the best so far.  Site 389 is a pull through and located in the North Loop.  Sites 352, 356, and 366 are backin sites along the water in the North Loop. 

That pickup truck up the hill is in my favorite spot.

Going down to the lake.

The electricity went off for a while this evening and I had to go out and flip the breaker on and off to see if I could get my coach up and running again.  Once inside I flipped all my breaker switches off and on but nothing happened.  I sat there for a minute and then ... lights once again.  Don't know if it's the campground or my coach.  It's thundering and raining right now so maybe it's the campground's electrical system.

Riding through the little town of Ville Platte, I noticed how quaint it looked and would really like to take my time and visit it again.  Maybe on the way back.

My campsite is nice and level with the usual firepit, picnic table, and Bar-B-Q pit.  I have a big back yard and lots of space between me and the next campsite.  I can see the lake through the trees from the window by the sofa.  There are few campers here today.  Things are really quiet.

The view of the lake from my campsite.

Had Chinese for supper brought from home.  There is only one channel coming through on the TV so I'll probably watch a movie.  I brought along about 15 DVD movies that I have not yet watched so I have a variety to pick from. 

I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow as I would like to ride my bike around my Loop.  Rode for a while this afternoon and it is really hard climbing up these little hills.  No more flat land from here on up the state, I guess.  I had to walk the bike up some inclines then ride a ways then walk it again.  Great exercise.

I'm at the top of a dangerous hill... for bikers that is.

Going up the hill to my campsite.

The campground is divided into 2 sections the North Landing Campground and the South Landing Campground.  I'm in the South where there are 4 Loops with 3 Comfort Stations.  There is another Comfort Station and the Laundry in the North Landing Campground.  This entire campground has 198 campsites.

I've been here before.  Way back when I was riding with the HOGS we had a rally here.  I didn't stay in the campground but in a hotel in town.  I remember the picnic area and day use area was really beautiful with water views.  Can't wait to see it again. 

* I've added another item to my list of "Why I Live In Louisiana" - check it out at the bottom of the page.
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