Xi Shi met another little Shih Tzu today.  His name is Roscoe and he weighs only 6 pounds.  Xi Shi weighs about 20.  He is adorable.  He tried to entice her to play with him but she wouldn't.  This is not her usual behavior with other small dogs.  Not sure why she acted that way. 

He's looking at her so adoringly.

We took a walk to the beach today.  I've never seen a beach like this one.  However, I'm sure it serves the purpose for the kids in the summer.

And of course the ever present sign stating, "No Pets On Beach." 

It's been raining hard and steady.  Not many good photo ops.  This is what I took early this morning from my bedroom window before the pier lights went out.

It's been a pretty boring day.  Rain, rain, and more rain.  I had to walk the dog using my big umbrella.  The lake is getting closer to my door.  I hope I don't regret getting a site so close.  

Many campers have left.

Finished reading my first book which I enjoyed and now have started my second. 
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