DIY: vintage playing card framed picture.

When I spotted some vintage playing cards in an Etsy store called Peony & Thistle I knew I wanted them and would have to turn them into something awesome, so I decided to make a framed picture to hang in our study.

The cards arrived really quickly and beautifully wrapped and the best part is they were only £2.00. I then purchased a wooden frame from Ikea which was a few pounds (I can't remember exactly how much but Ikea are brilliant for frames - they're so cheap and come in all sorts of colours, shapes and sizes!) I got a pack of card for 30p and I already had some double sided sticky tape which would be perfect for this project. I decided to use cream card for my picture because it fits in with our study better but you could pick any colour you like. WH Smith sell packs of card in all sorts of colours including pretty pastel colours.

Lily: my shadow little helper

The rest is easy: stick a little bit of double sided tape to the back of each playing card, work out where you want to position them, unpeel the tape and stick them down. Voila! You have a homemade picture which cost less than £10, looks awesome, and if you hunt hard enough you can spell out pretty much anything you like.

Just be sure that you're positioning the cards straight and evenly, as double sided sticky tape is strong stuff. I measured the distances at the top and bottom with a tape measure just to be sure.

Happy DIY-ing!
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