You're so sweet I can hardly bear it.

I have been buying Cross Stitcher magazine for a little while now, and received a subscription for Christmas. In my opinion it really is the best magazine out there for cross stitching and I always find lots of inspiration. Recently I fancied making something quick and I had some brown and black thread and rustic aida going spare so I decided to make the Penelope Waits chart from issue 248. I'm sure you will agree it is adorable! 

It was really easy to stitch up and I completed it over a couple of evenings. I decided not to fill the bear in as 1) I didn't have enough brown thread and 2) I think it looks quite nice as it is. Plus I had another project I was dying to start!

Once the stitching was finished I ironed the reverse to smooth out the ridges from the embroidery hoop and backed the fabric onto some card and framed it (the frame was from Ikea and dead cheap!) It now takes pride of place in our bedroom and I love it.

Penelope's shop has some other designs as well as the ones that have appeared in Cross Stitcher so if you're a fan of modern cross stitch patterns be sure to have a look. I think the bear design I made would make a lovely gift for someone, especially in a frame.

I'd love to have a go at designing patterns! Anyone else cross stitched their own design? What do you think of Penelope's patterns?

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