Good food (in the form of salmon burgers, lamb, & probably the best sandwich I've ever eaten).

When it comes to food we tend to eat fairly healthily through the week. We get our fruit and veg in, drink plenty of water and do as much exercise as we can fit in, although sometimes admittedly I get home from work and put my pjs on. One or the other.

The above means our weekends can be indulgent and full of amazing food, trying out new recipes and sampling food we haven't tried before (although with the prospect of wearing a bikini in a few weeks time I must admit I'm cutting back ever so slightly!)

Most weekends we try out a new recipe which usually involves going on the BBC Food website and finding something that sounds immense with ingredients that are likely to be stocked at our local supermarket. Then away we go, armed with a list and a trolley!

Now, don't let me fool you into thinking I'm some sort of cookery queen. I take full credit for the baking posts on here but Jonathan is the talented one when it comes to cooking, I'm merely the helper/chopper/cleaner-upper-er(?!) He can glance at a recipe and then he's off, throwing ingredients in, multiple pans on the go and mess everywhere (thanks Jonathan). He also has a tendency to use every utensil in the kitchen which makes washing up a real delight.

We have made some really tasty food lately so I thought a food montage was in order along with the recipes. I hope they inspire you to try something new!

Salmon burgers with basil and lime mayonnaise

Jonathan was a bit disappointed that the cooking time took a lot longer than the recipe stated, but we thought they were absolutely delish!

I love salmon anyway and could probably eat it every day if I had to, and this was a different take on it completely. We served ours with chunky chips, a token bit of salad (just to be healthy y'know) and Jonathan whipped up a basil and lime mayonnaise which was HEAVENLY!

I never thought I would see the day when Jonathan ate a chick pea but he did. In fact he ate quite a few. We had a jar of M&S tagine paste in the cupboard so he whipped up a lamb tagine (that word always makes me chuckle..) using a mixture of this recipe and the directions on the jar of paste.

It made such a pleasant change and was really tasty. First of all we rarely eat lamb and never eat chick peas as much as I would like us to so this was great. It was filling, spicy but not too overbearing, and full of flavour.

Probably one of the best sandwiches I've ever eaten...

During one of our days off the other week I had a brainwave to make club sandwiches for lunch. It was a lovely bright sunny day so we got to work building our sandwiches to eat outside. Now I know you all know how to make a sandwich (I hope!) but this was so, so amazing.

Door stop proper bread + mayo + cheese + salad + crispy bacon + chicken that Jonathan fried in all sorts of herbs and things (I wasn't concentrating during that part, sorry). It was incredible. In fact we had 2 days off and ate this for lunch on both days.

I have well and truly made myself hungry typing this! Happy cooking :)
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