Becoming a book worm (again).

Sometimes I can be a little bit 'all or nothing' and this is definitely the case when it comes to reading. Until a few weeks ago it had been ages since I'd picked up a book in contrast to my younger days when I collected them and would spend a large chunk of my wages on new purchases from Amazon and Ebay. I had shelves full of books and I was very proud of my collection.

Then slowly time got more precious and I rarely had time to read a magazine, let alone a whole book (although saying that, it is quite difficult to read a magazine with Lily and Lola around. They like to clamber over me if I sit still for more than a few seconds).

A few weeks ago somebody lent me the Chris Evans autobiography which I had been wanting to read for a while. Jonathan and I listen to him on Radio 2 every morning on the way to work and I knew his book would be a good, juicy read if past tabloids were anything to go by. Well, I was hooked and finished it within just a few days. After hearing his side of the story I was dying to hear what Billie Piper had to say so I bought her book and literally couldn't put it down.

Now I know the above aren't the most intellectual reads but they were just the ticket to ease me back into reading and I would definitely recommend both of them.

I have bought quite a few books, old and new, recently. I got a couple of new ones from WH Smith as I've been intrigued by When God Was A Rabbit for a while having seen the cover, and fellow bloggers reading it, numerous times. As I could get something else half price I saw the word chocolate and a girly cover and I was all set.

I visited a couple of local charity shops last week and I was like a kid in a sweet shop when I saw the boxes of books outside. There are obviously some chick lit fans in our area, and I perused their cast offs. I love Chris (Chrissie) Manby books so I was pleased to spot one of hers in the mixture and a couple of the other authors are familiar to me already.

Since I dabbled in the world of Chris and Billie I've read 3 more books and I'm officially a book worm again. Only problem now is I may have to buy another bookshelf....
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