Emma Bridgewater

Someone introduced me to Emma Bridgewater products and now I'm hooked! The kitchen items are hand painted and there is a whole range of things for each design; my favourites are Black Toast, Birds and Nice Dream.

If money were no object I would kit my kitchen out with the Black Toast range but with my budget I had to start off by purchasing a mug. This mug to be exact:

The bottom of the mug reads "about you".

I also got my Mum this tea-towel for Crimbo - very appropriate for the lady who watches Casino Royale nearly every..single...weekend! Strictly for ornamental use methinks!

Also, it's worth looking through the outlet section of the website where some items that are less than perfect are sold with a discounted price. I got my mug from the outlet section and I can honestly say that there are no noticeable marks or mistakes and it looks exactly the same as the mug in the picture.

Have a look and let me know what you think! What's your favourite item?
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