Monday summary

Hi my fellow blogettes! Hope you are well. Yes it's that time of the week yet again - time for my Monday summary and 5 good things! Did you all have a good weekend? You can read about my afternoon out on Saturday on my last blog post and check out the video that goes with it too :)

In the last 24 hours I have developed some sort of chest infection/bad cough/cold so I'm not feeling too great today. I'm going to head outside with the dogs this afternoon for some much-needed fresh air!

1) Lots of you have subscribed to my You Tube channel which is brilliant - I really appreciate it. If you would like the link here it is. I know my first video was weight loss related but I'm going to do a mixture of videos on whatever I feel like doing at the time :) I have a long list of things I want to record so stay tuned!

2) I have had a really good week (minus Saturday) when it comes to eating right and getting plenty of fruit/veg and it totally shows in my skin and the way I feel. BUT I haven't lost anything according to the scales... there's always next week :)

3) I'm dead happy that so many people follow my blog and once I reach 700 blog followers I'm going to hopefully hold a little contest so please keep reading and leaving great comments because I read every single one!

4) It's nearly my birthday! I don't normally do much for my birthday but this one is the big 2-5 and I'm strangely looking forward to it! How cute are these cupcakes! I would be so happy to receive these for my birthday :)

5) The snow has almost melted and I can function like a normal person again and use my little car! The only problem is the forecast says heavy snow for Thursday! Noooo, no more snow!

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