Weigh to go!

As most of you know I'm on a 'get fit and lose weight' mission! Lots of you have commented saying I look great as I am, and I know I'm not overweight (well, technically I am if I pay attention to my BMI! boo hoo) but I used to always maintain a weight of 10 stone and I was happy at that weight so that's my goal. Nothing too unrealistic.

Basically I'm taking part in a weight loss challenge that Cat created and it's a way of us supporting each other. It has definitely helped me not to over-induldge knowing that I have to broadcast my weight each week :)

My biggest downfall is exercise. I love walking and obviously I walk the dogs several times a day but apart from that I didn't used to do an awful lot. Well, last Monday I decided to do something about that and I vowed to step up my exercise in an attempt to burn off more calories and tone up!

I did really well last week. I worked out to Pump It Up twice - the second time doing the whole dvd with a couple of breaks - and I did Super Body Workout 3 times. Plus I did a 5 mile walk on Friday. Not bad for my first week ay! I feel great for doing it and the more I work out the less I ache the following day. Yesterday I had a rest and only did a little bit of walking so today I need to get back into the swing of things.

Super Body Workout is the newest addition to my workout dvd collection and hasn't disappointed me so far.

The combination of aerobics and sculpting gives the dvd variety and aside from Davina being a bit silly at times it's a really enjoyable workout.

I still enjoy Pump It Up, which is part of the Ministry of Sound range. This dvd consists of a warm up, aerobics, dance routines, boxercise, toning and a cool down. My favourite section is the aerobics ('Aeroburn') which is fast paced and hard work but fun!

I weighed myself on Monday morning as always and I have lost 1lb! This brings my weight down to 11 stone exactly (154 pounds). I'm hoping for a 2lb loss next week if I keep up to my exercise plan and continue to eat well (smaller portions, more veg, etc).

I'm going to invest in some digital scales in the next couple of weeks so that I can monitor my weight better and get a more accurate reading.
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