Out n about...

Yesterday my friend and I headed out for the afternoon; she was on the hunt for a faux fur coat and I went along for the fun of it! First stop was Otley where we stopped at a delightful little vintage boutique called Swing Out Sister vintage boutique which sold all sorts of lovely things. Vintage hats, jewellery, clothes, shoes and accessories plus a few modern things too.

Then we headed to Harrogate where we stormed the charity shops on the hunt for bargains! I spotted a faux fur coat just perfect for Rose. Long length=check! size 12=check! not smelly=check! Good price=check! It was £10! Yay for bargains. It had only just come in so we were lucky to find it.

We popped into the Cath Kidston shop which was full of floral, chintzy goodies - I was in heaven!  I had no idea you could get dog beds, wellies, books and baby clothes! I thought it was just bed covers and stationery :) I had my eye on this delightful sewing kit in the shape of a house:

Also I spotted this sign outside the bra shop Fit to Bust (which, by the way, is an amazing place to get fitted if you ever need anywhere! I love this place). The bras are a little pricey but they're an investment because they last for a really long time and they fit perfectly.

Unfortunately it rained pretty much all day and left my hair in an unattractive frizzy mess all day, but finishing the day off with a brew helped to make things better!

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