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Exercise! Once I get into it I really enjoy doing it! It's a shame that it takes me a while to get into the swing of things. Do any of you read The Skinny Runner? Her blog really inspires me and gives me a kick up the butt. She is fit as a fiddle and posts regularly with all her adventures and marathons and such.

My friend and I are hoping to do the Race for Life this Summer. We've never done it before but it would be a great goal to get fit for and we would raise money in the process! Have you taken part in this before? Do let me know if you have!

Cutting down on snacks. It's really difficult but if I keep busy I can steer my mind away from thinking about having a naughty snack. As long as I keep fruit in the kitchen I'm fine!

All the sweet emails I get from you guys! And of course all the lovely comments. It keeps me smiling! :D See!


Being poorly. It's so frustrating recovering from a cold then catching something else! I have noticed though, that an improvement in my diet makes my recovery more speedy! So that's good :) The other day I felt like death and now I don't feel too bad!

Having a trifle kit in the cupboard (randomly bought on special offer!) and it is calling my name. "Victoriaaaaa" "Victoriaaaaaa". Not good!

Finish with some pretty pictures? Why not.

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