Snow day

I'm officially sick and tired of the snow. This morning I set off for the first day of my new temp assignment apprehensively due to the deep snow on my street. It was the deep, crunchy kind which is usually ok to drive in (I was wrong).
 The view from my front door this afternoon - note the lack of my car :'(

Then I hit the main road and thought 'phew' - surely I would be ok on there?! Nope! The roads weren't gritted and they were lined with abandoned cars and buses which were struggling to get up and down the road. Also I heard a lorry had tipped over nearby and was majorly holding up all the traffic in the area.

My brakes weren't working properly and when I set off my wheels were spinning in a mad rage ("go back to bed Victoria!" they screamed). After slipping around precariously for 20 minutes I gave up and headed home only to get stuck a couple of roads away from my house. I frantically phoned my boyfriend to come and help me and he managed to push me to safety at the side of the road (my car is still there. I can't face digging it out right now).

This is what I needed when I made it home

I have spent the day sat at home with the boyfriend (who also couldn't make it to work - he works miles away) and the dogs. They love it! They think it's great. Me on the other hand - I'm seriously fed up with it. Not only is it stopping me earning money but it's so dangerous attempting to drive anywhere. I drive a Smart car for God's sake. They ain't so smart in the snow I can tell you!

Geri absolutely loves the snow! She covers herself in it, eats it and runs around in a daft panic!

What's the weather like where you are? Apparently it's only going to get worse.
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