Monday summary

Did you all have a good weekend ladies? I hope so. On Saturday night I went out for my friends 25th birthday (gosh we are getting old! :)) A few of us had drinks at her apartment then went out in Leeds. I remember lots of shots, slipping on the snow, silly dancing and not spending any money?! Not sure how that happened!

My 5 good things this week:

1) I told my bestie, Rose, about my blog. The only people that know are my boyfriend and my family and I really wanted to share it with her. She was so happy for me! I gave her the link today and she spent ages reading through my old posts - bless her! Hi Rose! :)

2) I'm excited to be taking part in Cat's weight loss challenge - I will be attempting to film a video for it later on but no doubt I will hate the way I sound! It could be a long process :) I have been enjoying hangover food for the past 24 hours and haven't had the word diet in my vocabulary. I have craved salty crisps and tons of orange juice. But today I'm going to concentrate on always having breakfast, lunch and dinner - and not snacking much inbetween. And of course lots of water and exercise! That's going to be my approach because I know that I won't stick to anything drastic. I've tried Slim Fast in the past, and Beyonce's maple syrup drink diet, and I don't have the willpower to deny myself.


3) I got 2 little packages in the post today. One is the new Garnier Caffeine Anti-dark Circles roll on which I'm really excited to try. The other was a Models Own nail polish which I won in one of Imogen's contests. Thank you hun!

4) I found the perfect tattoo. One day when I'm not a scaredy cat (my Mum would go mad!) or scared of the pain I'm going to get this:

5) I'm going to puppy classes with Rose this evening. She has got the cutest little puppy called Ralphie. Check him out, he's a little dude!

 Photos - & (except Ralphie of course!)
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