Monday summary

Hi everyone :) Monday again! Did you have a good weekend? Let me know what you got up to. I couldn't do anything yesterday due to the snow - my car doesn't do so well in the deep stuff - so I stayed in watching The City episodes and Yes Man. We also took the dogs for a long walk and then for tea I had my 'treat' for the week because I've been doing so well with my diet. I only had a small cheese pizza with a handful of chips but I honestly wish I'd had something else - I felt so ill afterwards I had to go for a lie down! :(

Here are my 5 good things:

1) Not having to get my roots done before starting a new job - oh the joys of a natural hair colour! I do however need a fringe trim though. My hair grows so fast - I can see this is going to be a fortnightly ritual!

2) Finding lots more cool blogs! Check out Tiny SailorBehind the GlassBehind The Seams, Sarah xo, Daring, Darling, Delight! & Flattery - they are all really good reads!

3) Watching movies - this week I watched Paper Heart which was just lovely, and Solomon Kane at the cinema which I wasn't looking forward to but it was actually quite good - lots of fighting and blood and guts - one to take your boyfriend to!

4) Just Dance - this game for the Wii is so much fun and after doing 30 minutes yesterday my arm and back muscles ache today! It seems like a great way to exercise to me :) Have you played this?

5) Florals and looking forward to Spring and Summer. I usually love the Winter but the spell of heavy snow is making me long for the bright sun and dry ground!

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