The truth about tanning...

Last night I watched a programme on BBC Three called The Truth About Tanning which was fronted by Nicola Roberts of Girls Aloud fame. Now I know she isn't the most popular or in some people's eyes not the most attractive member of the group but I really enjoyed this programme and I thought Nicola came across as a really genuine, kind and intelligent person. In my opinion she's the most stylish member of Girls Aloud - she always looks fabulous! Plus she manages to get the most amazing volume in her hair! (jealous)

The programme mainly highlighted the dangers of using sunbeds. I hold my hands up to using sunbeds in the past - usually just sporadically before a holiday a couple of times a week. I haven't used one for over a year now and I don't think I would ever use one again. They're not worth the risk and with the choices of fake tan out there it's so easy to fake it! Saying that I actually haven't used fake tan is over 6 months but I do like to use it before nights out occasionally and I enjoy tanning on holiday safely by regular applying sun cream. I tan very easily and don't burn which I'm grateful for, but this doesn't mean I'm not at risk of developing skin cancer. The family of a girl who had dark hair and olive skin talked about her battle with skin cancer and unfortunately she did not survive it.

The programme also showed Nicola talking to self-confessed "tanorexics". One of the young girls who was about 16 was addicted to tanning and would use sunbeds every single day and in all honesty she looked older than me. She did say at the end she had stopped using them and I really hope so because I dread to think how old she will look in 10 years time. And don't even get me started on the guy using tanning injections.... he not only injected himself but he also took tanning pills, used fake tan and used SEVERAL different tanning shops every day because the maximum time per shop was not enough for him (most shops only let you go on once every 24 hours). He needs rehab surely!

I like having a tan as much as the next girlie but surely it's not worth going to such extreme lengths. I know I will be sticking to faking it from now on!

If you missed it and want to watch then click HERE to go to BBC iPlayer.
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