The other day I had a good rummage in my storage box, which houses all of my hair products, in the hopes of finding a heat protector spray or some serum, but all I could find was vast quantities of volumising mousse, spray and powder (a sample of which are in the photo below!) I have accumulated these products over time and when each one has failed to give me huge hair it has been relegated to the storage box. Why do I keep on buying the same products over and over again? Surely I should just settle for what nature intended?

Andrew Barton "I Love Volume" mousse - this left me with slightly sticky/tacky hair. It did give a slight lift at the roots but nothing drastic.
Lee Stafford DDouble Bblow mousse - this is my most recent purchase and it does give some lift but I can't get excited about it. I am going to give this another chance though because I may have been using too much (but the nozzle isn't working properly so it sprays out loads of product).
TRESemme 24 Hour Body - not much noticeable difference.
S Factor Body Booster - a little bit of a lift and no crispy feeling which is always a winner. This is the product I tend to reach for if I attempt a volumised look.
Lee Stafford Matt Fat powder - I do like this product. It gives a good messy look but can look awful if you use too much of it. Great for carrying round in your handbag.

I have decided to quit the quest for big hair and concentrate on getting shiny hair in good condition and concentrate on lots of deep conditioning treatments and serums. My friend gave me the last little bit of her Mark Hill De-Frizz Shine Serum which is great for getting shine and it's so diddy that it is perfect for on the go. It retails for just under £4 so it's not too pricey and Boots are always offering 3 for 2 offers on professional haircare which includes Mark Hill.

I also really like the S Factor Silky Smooth Moisture Serum which I have run out of but I definitely want to repurchase this when I can, however it's a little pricier than the Mark Hill stuff. This serum can turn anyones Worzel Gummige hair into silky soft tresses. And I really like the sound of THIS one. I'm also on the hunt for a decent protector spray for when I use straighteners.

I'm taking full advantage of going back to my natural hair colour and I'm giving my hair some well deserved rehab! Years and years of dying and blow drying can't be good for anyone, so on the days I have no plans I'm avoiding heat on my hair and letting my hair dry naturally. I also might try out an olive oil type treatment at some point this week.

How do you give your hair TLC?
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