Monday summary

Did you all have a good weekend? I hope so. I got absolutely no sleep at all last night and now I'm like a zombie with bags under my eyes :( Here's my list of 5 good things; let me know what yours are!

1) Plans to change my hair colour. I'm naturally a dark brown colour but I've been blonde for years and years now and I fancy a change. Plus it's so expensive and time consuming committing to a bright blonde! I'm going to have a good think before I commit to anything, but it's only hair isn't it! It grows and it can be changed back :)

2) I had a nice weekend full of watching movies and browsing antiques. More details on this in a blog post coming soon! I visited some really cool places in Yorkshire and took lots of photos so I'm going to share them with you.

3) LOST is back and it's my favourite tv programme! So confusing yet so addictive. I have stuck with it all these years and I'm hoping for some answers asap! Boone's back and I'm not complaining. Are you a fan or did you give up on it years ago? I lost my way a few series ago but caught up and I'm still going with it!

4) I'm going to attempt some baking this week - I'm thinking banana bread sounds cool or some muffins. This could be a disaster! I'm not the most advanced in the kitchen.. but how hard can it be!? :)

5) After months of temping I actually had a successful interview last week and I will hear the outcome this week!

I'll leave you with this thought...

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