Salts Mill & Little Germany - Yorkshire

At the weekend I visited a couple of places in West Yorkshire for research purposes (my other half is partway through training to be an Architect) and I thought I would share the photos with you guys as some of them are pretty cool. Plus it gives you Northerners ideas for things to do! I love a good day out as much as the next person :)

Little Germany is an area of historical and architectural interest in West Yorkshire and the buildings there date back to the 19th Century. A lot of the people who constructed the area were from Germany hence the name! I really enjoyed looking at all the old buildings and there were some really cool features - my favourite is the huge iron gate! I also loved the stone chair and clock built into one of the walls and yes I know it looks like I'm sat on the toilet but I didn't want to get my coat dirty! :)

I love places like this where you can close your eyes and picture how things were in the olden days. 

Then we headed over to Saltaire, a village in West Yorkshire, which is a World Heritage Site. It was there that we visited Salts Mill which used to be a wool mill and was owned by Sir Titus Salt who built a whole village around the mills for his workers to live in, as well as shops and schools for them.

In 1986 the mill was bought and renovated by Jonathan Silver, and it now houses an art gallery dedicated mainly to David Hockney's work and lots of shops which sell anything from jewellery, to antiques, clothes, musical instruments, bicycles, books, art supplies and household items including items by Starck. The household store is out of this world but very pricey - I had fun pricing up everything I would like in my imaginary future home. If you like really modern, bright pieces then it's definitely worth a look.

Lichtenstein is my favourite so I had to get a photo next to this!

The antiques shop was epic! Think along the lines of an Aladdin's Cave full of 1970s furniture, 1930s typewriters, 1920s rings and necklaces, vintage lace dresses, old telephones, lamps, pottery and much more. I was in antique heaven! I would have loved more time to browse everything but there was so much to look at and we were running out of time by the time we had reached this shop on the top floor.

It was hard to take photos inside but it was such a cool place! If you do want to have a look at what's inside click HERE for the official website. Admission is free and it's open 7 days a week. I really recommend it for an afternoon out and if you do go be sure to stop at the cafe for a pot of tea. We had lunch there and it was a little overpriced but tasty.

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