WLC - update & apology!

I'm such a terrible Weight Loss Challenge member! I'm sorry Cat :( I haven't done a video in ages but I did speak to Cat to let her know why. I fell off the wagon! Well and truly! It started with my birthday and a huge meal out. Then a Chinese takeway popped up on the day of my actual birthday. Then THIS cake came into action and it would call my name from the fridge.. "Victoriaaaa, I taste so good". A slice of that was probably about 1000 calories and I would eat at least one slice a day until it was gone. But boy it was tasty. Then there was a weekend away with a delicious Indian takeaway feast and lots of bacon sandwiches. 

It's only in the past few days I have sprung back into action and I feel in the right frame of mind to lose weight again. At the start of the week I weighed 71.1 kg and as of today I weigh 69.6 so I've lost weight which is super! 1.5 kg to be precise which is like 3.3 lbs! I have done so by:

Cutting out snacking:

Drinking more - herbal tea, water, juice, etc:

Swapping semi-skimmed milk for skimmed:

Walking more:

Feeling inspired by slim folk:

And going forward I'm going to keep doing the same as above. I'm also going to fill up with veg instead of piling on the chips with my tea. I also want to try out my Wii dancing game which I reckon will be calorie-burning-tastic. When the weather gets better I'm going to head out into the countryside and find some nice walks to do and take the dogs. But at the moment it's just far too muddy!

I have also done some cooking this week. Last night I made just simple jacket potatoes with baked beans and a little bit of cheese, and the night before last I did sweet n sour turkey with noodles and some green beans on the side. Really simple and very tasty! I just chopped a red pepper, some onion, some turkey and added a packet of sauce. Tonight I'm making carrot & butternut squash soup with some bread & butter :)

I will update you again next week and hopefully the hard work will carry on paying off! :) If you're in the challenge too let me know how you're getting on. It's so tough trying to lose a few pounds. It sounds so easy to do but the temptation of yummy, calorie loaded food is so tempting sometimes!

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