Monday summary

Happy Monday everyone! How are you? I say this every week but Monday comes round far too quickly! My 5 good things:

1) Being organised. We just had a spring clean and I had a really good sort through all my clothes and everything, and it feels sooo good. I love this picture which I shamelessly pinched from Sarah's Tumblr - I really want to display my sunglasses and jewellery like this! An excuse to buy more jewellery and sunglasses? Perhaps..

2) Singing! I can't get this song out of my head from 500 Days of Summer :) It's also a song in The Wedding Singer which is one of my top films ever! This dance scene from the film is one of the best bits. <3 him!

3) It's my birthday on Wednesday and I've had lots of cards and money and gift vouchers so far (yes I'm naughty and open things early) plus my Mum is going to make a chocolate cake for me :) I can cope with being 25 if it means I can have cake!

4) H&M. Has anyone else noticed how lovely the clothes are in there lately? I must admit it's not a place I usually shop at but I went in to kill some time the other day and spotted about 4 or 5 amazing tops which were on average about £15 each! Plus their jewellery is super nice and really cheap too. I will be shopping in there more often I tell ya!

5) The Midnight Beast. I'm obsessed with their videos! Seriously.. I watch them repeatedly. Check them out if you haven't already! My favourite is the rap part way through "Down". Makes me chuckle every time!
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