Beautiful Blogger award

I am so lucky that I get nominated for awards quite regularly - thank you! - and I thought it was time I passed one on. Sarah xo nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger award and I have to state 7 facts about me and then nominate 7 bloggers.

1) I'm a HUGE animal lover and I don't kill insects EVER! My friend once squashed an ant in front of me and I cried! (I had been drinking).

2) I really like vegetables. I remember when I was younger and I visited family in London I ate plates and plates of broccoli and cabbage, and now I'm partial to a bit of cauliflower cheese. Yum!

3) I don't have any tattoos but I'm very intrigued and interested in them. I even went inside the Miami Ink shop last year! I met Darren Brass which was pretty cool. 

4) I have extremely long toes!

5) I am rarely seen out of my Ugg boots and I have 4 pairs in total.

6) I don't watch much TV; I don't watch any soaps at all. I always watch Lost and occasionally shows like Scrubs, Bones and King of Queens but I prefer putting a DVD on or listening to music!

7) I can take or leave chocolate but crisps are my downfall! I can easily demolish a whole tube of Pringles. Once you pop you can't stop = so true!

There are hundreds of beautiful people that I follow but I had to pick 7 and those 7 are:

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