Weight Loss Challenge - update, workout recommendation & inspiration!

This week I have good news - I have found an exercise that I enjoy and gives results fast and it's all thanks to Gemma who some of you will know from You Tube (and she has a blog too). She also has a new channel on You Tube but more about that further down. Gemma told me about the 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels and basically she said it's the best thing since sliced bread. I'm a big fan of working out at home anyway so I thought I would give it a try. After 1 session I was hooked! I am now on day #5 of the "shred" and I'm still going strong. Already I feel fitter and leaner.

It is split into 3 levels and obviously each level gets harder. I believe the idea is to do 10 days at each level so I'm still on level 1 and let me tell you, it is NOT easy. In fact it's very, very difficult. It is 20 minutes of non stop exercise; a mixture of cardio, ab work, press ups, simultaneous lunges and arm weights, and a few other things too, with no resting in between.

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The great thing is that even though it's a tough workout and very tiring (I cried on day #3) it is only 20 minutes so it doesn't take over your evening and it could easily be done before work on a morning.

I have lost the desire to keep checking the scales and I am concentrating on feeling/looking better in my clothes and eating well. A few other girls on Twitter are "shredding" and trying to be healthy with food choices and it is great having the support from them.

As mentioned above, Gemma has a new channel on You Tube - healthyhappylife - where she will update about all things to do with food, exercise, lifestyle, etc. Her makeup channel is amazing so I am sure her new channel will be great too. Make sure you head on over there and subscribe!

Summer is approaching ladies. Here's my inspiration for getting fit!

I won't be running topless but you catch my drift ;)

I have been making healthier choices all week. Hungry at work? I'll have a banana, apple or a yoghurt. Fancy a bit of chocolate? Instead of a 300 calorie bar of chocolate I'll have a smaller wafer type bar such as Galaxy Amicelli's which are 60 calories a stick. I have given up crisps for lent so I'm not eating those at all. I am still keeping a food diary and I am making myself drink more water. I have had fish twice this week and salad or veg with almost every evening meal.

I really hope I can keep this up! I feel great!

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