Contest goodies

I have been so lucky recently - I have won 4 blog contests and received some really wonderful prizes! It is really worth entering contests because normally I never win anything but I have been dead lucky lately. Here are my goodies! (If you fancy a chance of winning 1 of 4 prizes in my giveaway then what are you waiting for? Click HERE to enter! The rules are super simple.)

Eleanor at Pretty Much Penniless sent me some lovely contest goodies; I can't wait to make cookies using my cookie cutters! The chocolate is long gone and everything else will be put to good use especially the £10 gift card for Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, etc!

Wrapped beautifully! :)

Thank you Royal Mail for opening my parcel!

Emma over at Plum Dressing (who accidentally deleted her lovely blog and is struggling to get it back!) sent me my mystery contest prize which is a lovely floral makeup bag and hiding inside I found the Alice in Wonderland OPI nail polish set which I am so so pleased with - thank you! I can't wait to try these polishes out.

Talking of Alice in Wonderland I also won a fabulous Cheshire Cat ring by Galibardy by entering a contest at Beauty and the Blog. I'm looking forward to getting this parcel in the mail! What a cute ring.

And last but not least Claire at Just Another London Commuter sent me two books that I won in her contest - Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris and The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. I can't wait to read them both! Thanks Claire.

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