Soap & Glory hat box - part 2 (the good)

Some of you may have read part 1 of my hat box reviews which was the BAD. The product in question, Hair Supply, was a hell of a bad product! (for me anyways. It might work wonderfully for you! :))

I pretty much love everything else in the hat box especially Hand Food which was already a firm favourite of mine. It is one of the nicest smelling hand creams I've ever come across (it may possibly take the crown) and is really moisturising without being greasy. Plus you can buy a full size or a diddy travel size for a couple of quid.

I also really rate the shower creams Clean on Me and I Foam which are quite different smell-wise but both very moisturising. The only problem I find with I Foam is the product is quite runny so I tend to use more than I want to but it makes up for it with its wonderful tangy fragrance.

The biggest surprise of the lot is that I like the Sexy Motherpucker lipgloss which I thought would be a load of pants. I have used one lip plumper before and it was pretty good but very expensive. This one is fairly sticky but gives a good plumped look which lasts. I don't really need much help in that department but it's still nice to use every now and again.

The scrub, Flake Away, is very effective at exfoliating and has a wonderful consistency but I can only use this if I'm in the shower. If I use this in the bath I can't get all of the product off and my skin is left with a slightly greasy residue and tiny exfoliating beads. In the shower you can make sure you rinse the product away fully.

Did you buy the hat box? Did you have fun testing everything? Overall I love Soap & Glory! :)
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