Monday summary

Happy Monday everyone. I hope you are all fine and dandy? Here are my 5 good things of the moment:

1) First day nerves at my new job are all done and dusted and I hope day 2 will be less nerve racking!

2) I'm having La Tasca for my tea as a treat - I love tapas! I feel like I can order whatever I like because I have lost so much damn weight in the past 2 weeks! Yum yum. Bring it on!!

3) The company I work for is right next to a gym and they offer staff discount so I'm really thinking about joining. Although, the little bit of jogging I have done has made me feel really fit so maybe I don't need to pay to exercise.

4) I'm making plans for holidays this year and I'm excited to visit my Sister in Gibraltar - probably in April. I'll also have a beach holiday with the bf somewhere over the Summer. We could do with a bit of 'us' time away from work and everything else. I have been taking him for granted a lot lately.

5) Gemma's shout out on You Tube got me a flurry of new subscribers - thanks for not deserting me! I haven't done a video in ages but I will be back don't worry :)

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