Monday summary (good news, feeling the burn & Ebay love)

Good day to my readers, new and old! I hope you all had a good weekend. It was nice to see some sun (even if it was a bit nippy in the shade) but have you heard?! We're due for snow this week! I really hope not. I can't take anymore snow! We have surely had enough this year to last a lifetime!

I have some very exciting good things to share this week.. drumroll please..

1) Remember I said we were waiting to hear feedback from our application for a house? The gorgeous place with the walk in dressing room and en suite in the master bedroom? We were successful! Yay! I am really excited to have more space for us and the pooches. The only downside is having to move our things but my Dad has offered to hire us a van and help out! Thanks Pops.

2) I am still going with the 30 Day Shred and I feel fitter than ever - BUT boy oh boy it is tiring. Yesterday I made the mistake of doing it with the heating on and I thought I was going to pass out.

3) I have found the most amazing dressing table on Ebay - and it's in Leeds. I hope nobody else wants it and that it can be mine. It's shabby chic and fab!

4) I have had a trim and my split ends have disappeared. It feels pretty good I must say!

5) Friday and Monday = Bank Holidays. Yippee! 4 day weekend.

What are your good things this week?

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